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Toastmasters International

District 31-Division E
Interpersonal Communication in a Virtual Environment Webinar Series

March 8th 2021 6-6:30pm

Ashley will be a facilitator for the webinar. She is presenting her “Be the Rock: Create the Ripple” speech which will be followed by a Q and A session. Ashley’s speech  will focus on the importance of having a growth mindset and making a difference in all aspects of life. She will offer tools regarding the benefits of being: resourceful, consistently improving your skills and being able to confidently lead by example both professionally and personally.  


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Wachusett Regional High School Virtual Wellness Afternoon

March 10th 2021 12:30-2:10PM

Ashley will be presenting three workshops:

Session 1: Let’s Switch That! (MINDSET)

Focusing on how you speak to yourself, how you use your body and the power of visualization.

Session 2: Energy: What Are Your Vibes?

Importance of focus, taking action instead of reacting and the influence your energy has on all aspects of your life.

Session 3: Goal Setting/Results

Focusing on the WHY’S of the goals and the results you want in your life as well as the importance of changing your SHOULDS to MUSTS.

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