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After teaching for over a decade Ashley decided it was time to spread her message to larger audiences. Moving forward, she started the company Navigating Through Quicksand, LLC. Navigating Through Quicksand is what life is about, often times we feel stuck whether in a relationship, friendship, in our own mind, spot in time, career, etc. One thing to always remember is we can get ourselves both into and out of situations. In fact, sometimes the only thing we need is our internal compass and remembering that having both ourselves and others consistently polish the diamond we have inside it will in turn shine on the world and make a positive difference.

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A Powerful & Motivating Journey Through Adversity

Ashley Gustafson, a beacon of determination and resilience, embarked on a remarkable journey brimming with life’s trials and tribulations. She found herself caught in the quicksand of life’s challenges, grappling with self-doubt and hardships. However, Ashley stood undeterred. She fought her way through, learning to move deliberately and purposefully, much like navigating through actual quicksand. Her journey was not about evading obstacles but transforming them into stepping stones towards success. Today, as a motivational speaker, workshop leader, and fitness coach, she empowers others to navigate through their own quicksand, inspiring them to turn their adversities into strengths.

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Tyler Cyr
Baseball Coach
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Jamie Millett Schaefer
Softball Coach
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Andrea O' Brien
Softball Coach
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Derek Leal
Assistant Coach
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"All in all this was a meaningful experience for the team and with reminders throughout the season, you can see that Ashley’s hard work and caring attitude made an impact on the boys.”
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"I would encourage any coach looking to give athletes an opportunity to improve their team culture and student-athete’s mental and emotional resiliency to sign up for a workshop with NTQ!”
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"Navigating Through Quicksand with Ashley is an exceptional experience that leaves you feeling inspired, empowered, and more connected as a team.”
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"Some challenging team building exercises proved to bring the players closer together in achieving our ultimate goal of competing together as one.”

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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

—Maya Angelou