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NTQ Rock Your World Fitness Sessions in Massachusetts

Ashley Gustafson has taken fitness to another level. The NTQ Rock Your World Fitness Sessions provide clients with a total body workout coupled with a mental health component. The sessions do not require any equipment just: you, a towel and a water bottle as well as being resourceful with your surroundings. The physical and mental exercises can be done anytime, anywhere and at any age! Each fitness session includes: one focused area, cardio, intervals, stairs, pushups, abs, yoga, stretching and always end with corpse pose. Ashley adapts to all fitness levels while reminding her clients that the only competition you have is…..YOU and as long as YOU are getting BETTER day by day that is what matters! She will push you, inspire you and provide you the tools to dig deep so that any challenges you are faced with will now become moments of tremendous opportunity to build strength that will help you Navigate Through the Quicksand’s in ALL aspects of your life.

Schools across Massachusetts have benefited from these sessions. Ashley runs the sessions for student-athletes at the request of school administration, athletic directors or coaches. Reach out today to book a fitness session for your student-athletes!

Fitness Session Testimonials

“After attending fitness sessions with Ashley Gustafson over the past couple of months I have gained so many perspectives on life. Not only has my physical strength improved, but I have also learned how to mentally improve myself as well. Through conversations and experiences, Ashley has taught and shown me such a positive outlook on life and because of her, I am now able to look at things in various ways, with a positive attitude. She brings positive energy into any environment she enters and truly impacts anyone she encounters. Ashley dedicates her life to helping others and making a difference, not for herself but solely because she has a desire to help and improve other people’s lives. I am beyond thankful to train with her, and am so grateful to have learned how the way you talk to others and yourself can heavily impact your potential and ability.”

Julia Lussier

Freshman, UMass Lowell

“Over the past month, I have been working out with Ashley Gustafson every morning. During these workouts, she has completely changed my mindset on working out for the better. She taught me to never tell yourself you can’t do something and the key to having a good workout is to focus on how you are bettering yourself not only physically but mentally. Throughout this month I’ve realized a change in my mental state and physical state, I look at things not just workouts in a better way but life as well. I feel more energized, healthier, and productive after doing these workouts because we focus on technique and adding in that mental health aspect as well. Overall I am so lucky to have the experience of working with her. The positive energy she brings to a room, her outgoing personality and her brighter outlook on life inspires me to do better.”

Becky Johnson

Senior, Auburn High School Girls Varsity Soccer

“I have had the absolute pleasure of being able to workout with Ashley these past couple of months, and I have never met another person who not just physically but mentally changed me as a person in the most positive way. Ashley makes sure she incorporates our well-being into our workouts and has an eye out for our safety at all times. Ashley strives for greatness in all types of ways and it compels the rest of us to push ourselves to become a better version of us. I most definitely saw a difference in myself and my body after attending all different types of workouts, from leg day to hill sprints. I cannot thank her enough for the amazing opportunity I had to get to better myself with her alongside me motivating me.”

Jaelynn Smith

Freshman, Worcester State University

“I’ve had the great opportunity to go to Ashley’s workout sessions which has helped me in more ways than I expected. Ashley pushes me to do my best both working out and in life. She encourages everyone she possibly can to do the best both physically and mentally. She always has a positive attitude and finds the good in every situation. I’m glad I got up early enough to make the workouts, it was well worth it.”

Jon Lussier

Carpenter/Owner, Fine Line Golf Carts

“I’ve always been one to work out on my own in a gym, but Ashley Gustafson has changed my perspective on working out with others in the positive and energetic atmosphere she creates. She keeps me motivated and makes working out fun, while also staying focused on the fundamentals and pushes you to your goals and what you want to achieve. I’ve never had a bad workout with Ashley and after you always feel great.”

Keegan Moore

Landscaper/Aspiring Crane Operator

“Ashley is a true inspiration, her positive bubbly personality influences people every day. I have had the pleasure of joining her Yoga classes. The professionalism she shows is amazing. Ashley focuses on technique, ability, and safety during her classes. She focuses on the intensity levels and allows for modifications to individual athletic and flexibility needs. Throughout our sessions and our friendship, Ashley has made me grow in many ways. I take accountability for my actions and realize anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Our conversations are always uplifting. After any time spent with Ashley I feel energized and cannot help but focus on all the positive aspects of my life. She is a true inspiration.”

Sarah Lussier

Registered Nurse


“I have had the pleasure of working with Ashley for some time now practicing Yoga. Ashley is always encouraging. She is quick to remind me when I say I can’t do a pose that I just can’t do it yet. Ashley is always full of positive energy to help motivate you even when you feel like you want to quit. Ashley will push but not pressure you. Navigating through quicksand, I am sure a lot of people feel that way, but it always feels better with an encouraging captain to help you through and guide the way.”

Heather Johnson

Registered Nurse, UMASS Memorial

“Over the course of 2020 I have been lucky to be a participant in Ashley Gustafson’s summer fitness sessions. These sessions have not only helped me get in shape for my sports season but have also taught me how to motivate myself to do better in fitness and in life. The encouragement and positive vibe Ashley provides makes the environment comfortable and exciting. The workouts themselves are well balanced and staged to what you can achieve. There is pushing your limits, but in a safe and controlled way. Ashley at the beginning of each week (Sunday) holds a yoga session, this allows for recuperation and relaxation. She is a great mentor to have and reliable in her field. I am always happy to participate in her sessions and hope to see more people join in. Thank you Ashley you are an awesome person and teacher!”

Katie Johnson

Sophomore, Lasell University

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

—Maya Angelou