Interactive Workshops


Professional Development Workshops

Ashley shares her powerful story with young people as an inspirational speaker in hopes of helping them realize that they are not alone. As a result, she’s living proof that young people can pave their own ways to happiness by making more positive choices and learning from the mistakes of others.

Ashley offers a number of motivating, engaging and creative workshops and presentations.

From her keynote presentation highlighting her life story and overcoming obstacles to the wide range of professionl development & personal growth workshops, Ashley is ready to bring enthusiasm and motivation to your next event.

Athletic Workshops


Fitness Sessions


One on One Confidence Coaching

Ashley Gustafson has taken fitness to another level. The NTQ Rock Your World Fitness Sessions provide clients with a total body workout coupled with a mental health component.

Each fitness session includes: one focused area, cardio, intervals, stairs, pushups, abs, yoga, stretching and always end with corpse pose. Ashley adapts to all fitness levels while reminding her clients that the only competition you have is…..YOU and as long as YOU are getting BETTER day by day that is what matters!

Ashley will push you, inspire you and provide you the tools to dig deep so that any challenges you are faced with will now become moments of tremendous opportunity to build strength that will help you Navigate Through the Quicksand’s in ALL aspects of your life.