Auburn High School Check-in: The Little Things Add Up to the Big Things

Auburn High School

Throughout this interactive session Ashley will be focusing on: routines, standards, where we were/where we are/where do we want to go, confidence, mindset, implementing lasting change, the power of influence, and taking action instead of reacting. During the check-in she will emphasize the Auburn Athletic Department Values: Integrity. Responsibility. Leadership. The check-in sessions are in place for leaders to polish their effective leadership skills and collaborate with each other as resources...turning challenges into opportunities to learn, grow and succeed while navigating life both on and off of the field/court/ice/track.

Spirit Central
Coaches Workshop: The Ripple Effect

Spirit Central

Throughout this interactive workshop Ashley will be focusing on: the power of influence, creating high performance habits, where focus flows, values, standards, routines, perspectives, collaboration, empowerment, accountability and the impact of having a solution based mindset. She will emphasize and reinforce the Spirit Central Values and Mission during the session.